Logitech launches water resistant UE Roll Bluetooth speakers


Computer peripherals manufacturer, Logitech launched its new speakers the UE Roll which is not shaped like the regular speakers. The latest device has a flat-ish round similar to the flying saucer and due to the IP X 7 certification the users will not have a problem if its gets wet. However, it is not advised that you keep it submerged underwater.

So the users do not have to worry if it gets wet at the pool or in the shower and is also for those who love to listen to songs while in the bathroom. The device has the + and – symbols are functional volume controls which make it even easier to use the device.

Logitech has claimed that the speakers have a 9 battery life and is slightly shorter than the Logitech UE Mini Boom that claims of 10 hours. The company has claimed that it has increased its range to 65 feet.

The new UE Roll can be paired to about 8 devices at one time can connect and play music with just two source devices at the same time. The device can wirelessly stream music over the Bluetooth 4.0 and two UE Rolls at the same time from single course.

Photo Credits: wired