Amazon launches new Kindle Paperwhite for US market


Online shopping giant Amazon launched its new Kindle Paperwhite for the US market at the best possible price of $119. The new device has a readable screen with an excellent library from Amazon. The new Kindle from Amazon is the best for all the e-readers that has an upgrade with the 300 ppi screen and the more readable font that has an auto hyphenation.

The new Kindle device is similar to the old Paperwhite except for the screen which is 300 ppi instead of the 212 ppi. This means that the Kindle will be more useful with the small text sizes that will be more readable. The new Kindle also makes it a good competitor to the non Kindle devices including the Kobo Glo HD that is priced at $129.
The new Paperwhite has a new font, Bookerly and the company has claimed that it is more readable. However, some of the new users might take some time to get used to it. Not many might realize that the automatic hyphenation is a good idea and that the Kindle line spacing was actually awkward until the users get to see the first hyphenated Kindle page.
The new device is meant for the high end e-readers.

Photo Credits:fonearena