Mozilla adapts new strategy for Firefox smartphones


Web browser Mozilla has revamped its Firefox OS mobile software project after coming to a conclusion that the affordable $25 handsets are not capable of handling the biggest powers of the smartphone world. Mozilla hit to success with its Firefox Web Browser some ten years back but is now struggling to find the same success with its Firefox operating system for smartphones.

Chris Beard, the Chief executive at Mozilla said that it has changed its strategy to the new Ignite initiative which emphasizes the phones with a few remarkable features, not just with lower price tags. It is also considering to allow the operating system run the apps written for its top rival Google Android.

Beard said, “We will build phones and connected devices that people want to buy because of the experience, not simply the price”. The chief executive in an email said that they have not seen a sufficient traction for a $25 phone and will not be pursuing all the parts of the program.

The new strategy has shown how difficult it is for Mozilla to adapt to the modern era in which smartphones have taken the basic and the most important space and has also taken the computing industry’s attention. Moreover, for Mozilla, the most important is its sales and market share.

Photo Credits: kitguru