A Microsoft smartwatch to be unveiled soon?


Recent reports that are circulating in the media indicate that technology giant Microsoft may be launching its own smartwatch, ahead of the holiday shopping season. A report published on Forbes.com, first broke the news, which it received from “credible sources”. The new wearable by Microsoft will be focussed on health and fitness.

The company is also trying to create a device that will be compatible with all mobile devices like iPhones, Android and Windows. Battery life is a significant factor when choosing a smartwatch. Most of the wearables in the market need to be charged once a day.

Keeping that in mind, Microsoft is developing a device that will be powered by a powerful battery, enough to last 2 days. Availability in markets will be instant, as the Redmond-based company wants to capitalize on the holiday season that is coming up.

Microsoft will be using technology from their Kinect system to develop this watch.

In case Microsoft does manage to launch and release their wearable in the timeline they have set, they would benefit tremendously over their competitor Apple. Initially, Apple was also looking to launch their smartwatch during the holiday season, but had to push their launch to early 2015.

This will be the first wearable that the company comes out with, under CEO Satya Nadella.

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