Basis reveals new Peak – a fitness tracker


The Intel-owned fitness equipment manufacturing company, Basis, has unveiled a new fitness wearable – Peak. The new wearable will feature a real-time heart rate monitor, that will keep a check on the user’s heart rate, even while they are active. The Basis Peak is lighter, slimmer and more elegant than the previous Peak.

The new Basis Peak will launch in November 2014 and will come at a competitive price of $200. The current heart rate measuring devices in the market are substandard and often quite inaccurate. The ones that do actually measure it correctly, require the person to be absolutely still to get a good reading.

The new Peak will be able to measure the heart rate of an person while they are engaging in an activity, such as running and jogging. The company, that was acquired by Intel in March 2014 for an undisclosed sum, has reworked the sensors in the fitness device.

Along with heart rate monitoring, the fitness wearable can measure skin temperature and perspiration. It will also have sleep tracking, which tracks activities automatically – without the user adjusting the settings.

The Peak will feature a monochrome touchscreen interface that looks like a watch. It will have a battery life of 4 days and a water proof exterior for measurement of activities like swimming. The body is made of aluminum and has Gorilla corning glass for protection.

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