Microsoft unveils the new Windows 10


Taking a jump from Windows 8, directly to Windows 10, Microsoft unveiled their much awaited new operating system at a press event held in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 30, 2014. The unveiling comes after 2 years of the launch of their previous operating software, Windows 8, that disappointed many.

The highlight of Windows 10 is that it is designed to run across several devices – PCs, tablets, mobile phones and even everyday appliances that constitute the “Internet of Things”. Along with unifying the software, Microsoft have brought back the popular Start menu bar at the bottom of the screen, a feature that was removed in Windows 8.

As demonstrated by Microsoft’s Corporate Vice-President, Joe Belfiore, Windows 10 has integrated the look and feel of Windows 8 – colorful tile interface – with the traditional Start menu bar that was seen in the previous versions of Windows. The removal of the Start menu bar in Windows 8 had hurt a lot of people since it was what they associated Windows with most.

Joe also mentioned that Microsoft is “not giving up” on touch screen devices. According to, Microsoft’s aim was to develop an OS that could suit both the touchscreen and mouse-keyboard hardware setup.

The OS will be released sometime in mid 2015 and once they start shipping the product, there will be regular over-the-air updates to the software. A few days ago, the Microsoft Indonesia President had stirred news of Windows 9 (assuming it would be named that) will be a free update for Windows 8 users. However, Microsoft made no clarifications on that front.

Tomorrow, October 1, 2014, Microsoft will hold a “technical preview”, where they will give the technical aspects to a select group of users and testers.

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