Sony Xperia Z3 is the world’s first phone to have an underwater unboxing


The waterproof Sony Xperia Z3 is the world’s first phone to have an underwater unboxing.

The recently launched Sony Xperia Z3 is Sony’s flagship device. The device was launched at the IFA in Berlin on September 3, 2014 and like all the other Xperias, the Z3 is also waterproof. To confirm the claims of the company, Carphone Warehouse decided to test unbox the Xperia Z3 underwater. The phone boasts of an IP65 and IP68 rating, a metric which is used to determine the effect dust and water have on a phone.

The 3-minute long video shows a person wearing a submersible head gear – allowing him to breathe and speak underwater – unboxing a new Sony Xperia Z3. Once the presenter opens the box, the cardboard and the instructions booklet are seen floating away. The box contains the Z3, a charger, USB cables, headphones and an instruction booklet.

Once the phone is on, the narrator jumps directly to the camera feature and shoots a picture of his colleagues that are filming the whole unboxing. He then goes on to take a selfie. The whole scene is filmed in a water tank. The photos taken by the narrator with the Z3 are incredibly sharp and clear.

The Sony Xperia Z3 can take pictures for up to 30 minutes in fresh water and is works up till 1.5 meters submersion in water. To find out the features of the Z3, click here.

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