Hyperlapse adds selfie lapse feature


Instagram’s new app, Hyperlapse adds selfie lapse feature.

Instagram’s new time-lapse app, Hyperlapse, has added a new feature overnight that allows users to shoot time-lapse videos using the front facing camera. Hyperlapse was launched by Instagram on August 26, 2014 and has been a roaring success. The new feature will allow users to take “selfielapses”. The application can be updated through the Apple’s App Store on your iDevice.

You can use Hyperlapse for creating time lapses for the following:

  • Standing still while the background is moving. (Times Square pedestrians)
  • Spinning around in a chair.
  • Documenting transformations like a getting a haircut or putting makeup.
  • While you’re walking down the street.

If you don’t have the previous version of Hyperlapse, you can download the new Hyperlapse for free from the App Store. While Hyperlapse has added an update to their app, there is still no sign of the app on Android. In an interview with The Verge, Instagram said, “We hope to bring Hyperlapse to Android in the future. Unfortunately, the requisite APIs are not currently available on Android.”

To create a new #selfielapse, users need to tap the icon on the home screen that toggles between the rear and front facing camera.

Hyperlapse is an application launched by Instagram that allows users to take time-lapse videos. The app captures videos at a slow frame rate and then speeds up the frames. David Guttenfelder’s Hyperlapse is the most liked video on Instagram from the Hyperlapse app. See the video here.

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