iRobot launches new vacuuming and gutter cleaning robots


American robot manufacturing company iRobot has after being existant for 22 years has come a long way. The company is continuing to release new models of its home cleaning robots.

The company has recently launched the Looj 330 which has been completely redesigned to improve the gutter cleaning experience. Even in the vacuuming robot line, the company has updated its Roomba 600 series.

Two years back iRobot released the Looj series for those who do not like heights and cleaning the gutters. It is an effective device which cleans out the dust and branches with a remote control and a flippy-flappy front sweeper.

It can be a good and addictive device but the reviews have mentioned that the Looj can be a problem with the tight gutters. The devices have a new automatic clean mode that adapts to the debris. However the manual model is also available in the device. The device now has a lithium – ion battery which is supposed to work well. The robot also comes with a belt clip so that it can be carried while climbing a ladder. Apart from the new redesigned version of the robot, the two main new features are a new brush design.