Toshiba cancels launch of Windows RT devices due to delay in getting parts


Japan based electronics manufacturer, Toshiba Corp said that it has cancelled its earlier plan to launch computer and tablet devices based on the Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system. The company cited delay in the availability of components for the delay.

Toshiba said in a statement that it will now concentrate on the alternative Windows 8 software which works on the Intel Corp technology. The company has been planning to use processors from Texas Instruments Inc. based on the ARM holdings Plc technology for the RT devices.

The decision of Toshiba is a blow to the Microsoft’s plans to use the new software and chips which are normally found in mobile phones to combat the dominance of Apple’s iPad. Eric Paulsen , a US based spokesperson in a statement said, “Toshiba has decided not to introduce Windows RT models due to delayed components that would make a timely launch impossible”.

Paulsen added, “For the time being, Toshiba will focus on bringing Windows 8 products to market. We will continue to look into the possibility of Windows RT products in the future while monitoring market conditions.” However, the message did not specify what kind of components the company could not get.