Microsoft’s Surface RT to threaten Kindle Fire


Software giant Microsoft is planning to introduce the Surface RT tablet for $199. This means that the entry of the RT device could lead to problem to the other rivals in the market.

The impact could be felt on the best selling Amazon’s Kindle Fire which also sells for $199.Though the prices are same, but the devices cannot be compared as the RT offers a more generous 10.6 inch screen compared to Kindle’s 7 inch display.

Moreover, the Surface RT runs on the version of Windows 8 known as the Windows RT. Windows RT runs on ARM chips and will not run legacy Windows apps. But still it remains a Microsoft platform. The users will also be able to acquire third party apps from the Windows Store.

The other companies like Samsung could even feel the pinch with its Galaxy Note 10.1. Meanwhile Samsung also has an important hardware partner to Microsoft and plans to launch its own Windows 8 RT tablet. However, do not expect that the Surface RT to have much impact in the sales of iPad. Windows 8 and iOS are different platforms and the Apple loyalists would defect to Microsoft for $300. The Surface RT might even affect the Barnes and Noble’s Nook.