New sensor based toaster to help get perfect slice of bread

Dualit toaster

Dualit’s new sensor based toasters to avoid error in human judgement.

Getting that perfect golden slice of toasted bread may now become a child’s play, Dualit’s latest set of toasters are designed to rely on a set of sensors and special toasting algorithms which allow a tension free toasting process.

The toaster has been fitted with a technology that takes into account internal temperature and also considers the temperature and conditions of the surrounding area to deliver that perfect slice of toast.

The device will also have an account of how many toasts it has toasted and how long the machine has to be cooled down between uses. Such a theory will help to make the perfect toast without any burning. The gadget also comes fitted with a knob which allows users to switch to manual mode, eliminating the use of sensors.

The company has made two models of the toasters, the Dualit Stoneware Lite Four Slice Toaster which will cost $145 and the Brushed Architect Four Sliced toaster which will cost $172.

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