Candles to power Bluetooth speakers


Candle light can now charge bluetooth speakers.

Technological innovations in the 21st century are taking the term mind-boggling to another level, Italian researchers have developed a Bluetooth speaker which uses the power of a candle light to charge itself.

The Gianluca Ganba have made use of the power of combustion to design ‘Pelty’ which is a unique kind of Bluetooth speaker. It makes use of the thermal energy of a single candle’s flame to amplify music. The Gamba is currently looking to secure $100,000 in funding through an Indiego campaign.

The Pelty gets its name through the phenomenon known as the ‘Peltier effect’ – discovered in 1830 by the French physicist Jean-Charles-Athanase Peltier. It works on the principle of energy passing through two metals, generating a difference in heat and this in turn generates electricity.

The thermo electric generator creates enough energy to power to an efficient amplifier. The Gamba has not made use of plastic or metal, but uses ceramic, wood and glass.

Photo Credits: Damn geeky