Tado Cooling to make air conditioners smart, more affordable


Tado Cooling has come up with a device which can make air conditioners smart, in addition to helping users save some money. The German-based company launched Tado Cooling on Kickstarter on May 12, 2014 and is looking for $150,000 in funding for the mass production of the device.

Tado Cooling can be combined with the Tado smartphone app, which has the ability to track users’ location and turn on the AC when users are on the way so that the room is cool enough when you enter the house. The device also turns off air conditioner when a person walks out of the house. The system also features a room-to-room tracking which makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy as well as iBeacon technology to find out where the person is inside the house and know which room needs to be cooled and at what time.

The device is connected to the Internet through the Wi-Fi network of the house and connects to the AC through infrared. The system has a capacitive touchscreen surface with a translucent matrix LED display which makes manual adjustments.

By the end of 2012, Tado started selling its smart thermostat and has noticed a few thousands sales coming in on a monthly basis.

Photo Credits: Slash Gear