US Navy to get NeRD e-reader


Sailors on US Navy vessels are not allowed to use their tablets and smartphones at all times due to cybersecurity reasons. In addition to that, the cramped space of a submarine does not have enough room for books. The Navy has come up with a solution with the Navy eReader Device, also known as NeRD.

The secure e-reader is custom-made and comes pre-loaded with a library of about 300 titles. The device does not have Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, so there is no risk of signals which can be located by enemy hackers. The program assistant for the Navy General Library Program, Nilya Carrato said, “I know the paperbacks (on Navy ships) get passed back and forth until they fall apart”.

Carrato went on to say that they are hoping that the NeRd holds up a little better. For now, the Navy will begin distributing five devices to each of its submarines in the active fleet. Plans are being made to eventually send NeRds to all Navy vessels.

The program assistant also explained that she has received emails from sailors who are curious to know when they will get the device. The device will offer nonfiction, fiction, best-sellers, classics as well as historical books which are selected by the Navy.

Photo Credits: Mediaite