First ever atomic wristwatch to be manufactured within months


John Patterson – the well-known watchmaker – is trying his best to make the first atomic wristwatch in the world. Patterson is trying to raise $42,000 on the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter in order to pay for a limited run of 6 to 10 of such devices.

atomic watch

He said, “If we raise the money to get it into production, this watch will one day be in a museum.” It has been reported that backers who agree to pay $6,000 will be able to get one of the watches and one device is the size of a big matchbox. The device features a laser, a sealed cavity of caesium gas, a microwave filter, a heater, as well as a photodiode detector.

Patterson said that the new gadget is a bulky watch and is the perfect product for technology enthusiasts. The watchmaker said that the upcoming watch will be a very limited run and will not be for everyone. He went on to say that despite the fact that it is huge and bulky, there are some watches which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, are aimed at the extremely wealthy people and are also rather large.

Even though certain watches are advertised as atomic, they sync with a radio signal to an atomic clock elsewhere. The watchmaker also said that if the funding target is achieved, then the watches will be constructed and launched by November 2014.

Photo Credits: A blog to watch