Facebook to switch off messaging in mobile app


Social networking giant Facebook started notifying users in Europe that in two weeks, they will not be allowed to message friends through the Facebook app. The company explained that users will be required to download Messenger for iOS or Android in order to continue sending messages through the app.


The message button will still be visible in the app, but when users try to click on it, then it will boot users out of the app. The news was confirmed by a spokesperson for Facebook who said that taking the Messenger out of the app is not a test. The spokesperson went on to say that this will gradually be rolled out in other countries. However, it has been reported that the new rule has a few exceptions.

The lower-end Android devices which have memory shortages will not have to download the Messenger. Next, Windows Phone and tablet users will be able to see messages inside the Facebook app. In addition to that, messaging will remain, for now, inside Paper, which is the company’s recently launched news app.

It is assumed that the social networking giant will at some point update the apps to remove messaging, if and when the messenger is launched for the apps. Many Facebook users will most likely be disappointed as they will need two apps instead of one.

Photo Credits: bakersfieldcomputer