Smart TVs to enable gesture-control soon?


South Korean giant Samsung and start-up firm VTouch are planning to team up in the near future, which will allow Samsung to incorporate gesture controls to the upcoming smart TVs to eliminate the need for remote controls. This will enable users to use hand gestures in order to operate their TV for tasks such as volume adjustments, changing channels and getting more information about what they are watching.

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However, the most noteworthy feature will be the ability to gesture-control, which will be used to control the connected home with the help of Samsung TV. The chief executive and founder of VTouch, Kim Seok-joong said, “It will be a new interface that drops the usage of cursors, allowing the user to point to objects that exist beyond the TV screen”.

Regardless of the benefits this would bring to smartphone users, the deal is not yet fixed, as the South Korean giant is currently using PointGrab’s motion-sensing technology in the current line-up of smart TVs. Meanwhile, PointGrab is also working towards eliminating the usage of cursors, as well as integration with other connected devices. If this works out, then Samsung will not have the need for VTouch.

Samsung has been working constantly on introducing new innovative and creative products to attracts its customers.

Photo Credits: Uwand