Vuzix to release smart glasses


US-based multinational technology company Vuzix has stated that it is planning to debut a fashionable pair of smart glasses, which will have an emphasis on aesthetics. The company will be utilizing see-through wave guide optics in order to showcase images on the gadget’s lenses.


This will make the device more stylish, compared to other rival devices in the market which come with screens attached. In addition to that, the company has been experimenting with a compact display engine, which is able to showcase bright imagery, suitable for outdoor viewing. The device can also turn into an advanced projector which beams images onto different materials, including plastic and glass.

The device’s components and wiring will be hidden in the arms of glasses and the final product should look like a pair of designer sunglasses. The company is planning to launch the device in 2015. Paul Travers, the Vuzix President said, “Being able to develop Smart Glasses that look like designer eyewear is critical”.

Travers went on to say that the waveguide see-through optics that they have developed have the ability to achieve the design goal. The president also said that the new device will bring new opportunities for the company.

Photo Credits: Slashgear