Samsung unveils upgraded EX2F


South Korean giant Samsung has unveiled its 12 MP EX2F, which is an upgraded version of its EX1. The new EX2F has WiFi capability which makes it easy for the users to share direct from the camera.

But the major features is that the new EX2F has a bigger maximum aperture than the EX1 which is up to f/1.4 from f/1.8. It means that the largest aperture of any compact camera is currently available.

This allows more control over the depth of field along with faster shutter speeds which can be used in low light. Moreover the EX2F has a dual image stabilization system so as to minimise the impact of the camera shake.

The built in neutral density filter allows wide apertures to be used in bright light. The company has also extended the low light credentials with a 1/1.7 inch back illuminated CMOS sensor with a resolution of 12 million pixels for better noise control. It has also got a new lens which gives a focal length equivalent of -79mm. Samsung claims that it provides 20%increase in the amount of light on the sensor, a 20% increase in image quality and a 10% increase in the zoom ratio compared to EX1.