Samsung Galaxy Gear to be priced at £299 in UK


The new Samsung Galaxy Gear is all set to be launched in the UK and the new device will be priced at £299. The device will cost £299 in the UK, despite the fact that it will be available at $299 in the US market. The price also become official, as Samsung launched a website for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which revealed the price of the gadget as £299.

galaxy gear

The recent news might not go down well among the tech enthusiasts in the UK, as the device will be priced at $299 – or around £190 – when it goes on sale in the US. When certain calculations are done, even after adding 20% VAT, the US price is brought to just £230. It is still not known why the upcoming device costs £70 extra in the UK market, but people with deep pockets will definitely have their eye on the Galaxy Gear. The South Korean giant said that the device will go on sale on September 25, 2013, from its flagship Stratford City Westfield store.

People who pre-order from the website of Samsung will be guaranteed a smartwatch on the launch day and it will be a surprise if the device sells out completely. Moreover, Samsung will be offering buyers of the Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Note 3 a discount of £50.

Photo Credits: Wired