Microsoft announces Surface 2.0 event on September 23, 2013


US-based software giant Microsoft is all set to unveil its Surface 2.0 at an event in New York City. The device will be officially launched in Chelsea on September 23, 2013, but Microsoft has remained quiet regarding what exactly it is going to put onstage.


The invites for the upcoming event have been sent out and it is clear that the company is going to launch something that will be worth touching and would not send invites for a hands-on session if that was not the case. It is practically safe to say that a new Surface can be expected soon. Reports have stated that the new Surface devices cannot contain a smaller SKU of the tablet line. That does not mean that a thinner Surface cannot be expected, but it means that the company most likely will not be launching a device with a drastically smaller screen.

The Surface line has been the toughest project for the company and Microsoft is facing stiff financial losses due to lower-than-expected unit volume. Meanwhile, Microsoft is making efforts to build its own PC hardware. Due to this, it can be predicted that the company is also trying to build its own devices.

However, Microsoft is not thinking small in terms of its own hardware, as it has recently made a multi-billion-dollar purchase of the smartphone business of Nokia.

Photo Credits: Bloolight