Google launches Chromecast in the US


US-based tech giant Google has announced its new, low-cost ‘dongle’ device called Chromecast, aimed to be a direct competitor to Apple TV. The latest gadget needs to be plugged into a TV’s HDMI port and will enable users to stream media from their computers, smartphones and tablets. Chromecast – which will be priced at $35 – is launching instantly in the United States, but there are no further information when will it be available elsewhere.

Google launches Chromecast in the US

Chromecast is the company’s newest attempt to make some difference in the TV industry. Google was unsuccessful in its attempts to make a transition into the living room in 2012, which numerous experts thought was a ripe ground for making great profits through marketing. The company’s partnership with another tech giant, Sony – with which it launched a set-top box – was not received well.

With Chromecast, the company is trying to simplify its big-screen offer, by focusing on streaming clips from Netflix and YouTube via a much more affordable device. The dongle is plugged into a TV’s HDMI port and it uses wireless home Internet in order to link to devices. However, as opposed to other, similar devices such as Apple TV, the media content is actually streamed from the cloud, instead from the mobile device. In turn, this enables higher-quality streaming, as well as has less effect on battery life.

Along with this, Google was especially focused on emphasizing the dongle’s ability to stream across various operating systems, whether it is Apple’s iOS or Android.

Photo Credits: Mashable