Toshiba announces pricing for Ultra HD 4K TVs


Japan-based tech company Toshiba has announced the pricing details of its Ultra HD 4K TV sets. The series will be launched in August 2013 in North America and the cheapest model of the series will cost $4,999.


The company will be launching 3 sets of 84 inches, 65 inches and 58 inches. The 58-inch model will be priced at $4,999, while the 65-inch one will cost $6,999 and the high-end, 84-inch set will be priced at $16,999. Every TV from the new series will have the Resolution Restoration Technology of Toshiba which upscales the non-4G imagery for a clearer picture.

The TVs will have smart features such as cloud support and on-demand services. Scott Ramirez, marketing chief of Toshiba said, “While the content creators work to create more 4K content and figure out how to distribute it, consumers can still enjoy the clearer, more natural and lifelike images on a 4K Ultra HD TV”.

Ramirez went on to say that in 2013, customers can enjoy the Blu-ray Discs with 4K resolution due to the powerful upscale technology. The company is yet to announce the launch date of the Ultra HD 4K TVs in the UK, but are expecting that they will arrive before the end of this year.