Intel looking to grab a share of the Internet television market


With the slowdown of the PC market chip-makers such as Intel are facing a shortfall in their market revenue. This has caused Intel Corp. to venture into the Internet television space. According to reports, Intel will be launching an Internet television service in 2013, which will include on-demand, as well as live content.

Erik Huggers, who is the general manager and vice president of Intel Media said that negotiations with content providers were being put in place for the company. Essentially this would be a risky situation for the chip manufacturer, as it would be a newcomer to the field and would also incur high market costs initially.

There are others who have a head-start on Intel. Apple, Google and Amazon already have some experience in the Internet television business and most major players are of the opinion that the $100 billion cable television industry is about to be overhauled.

Currently Intel is looking to its employees and their families to test out a set-top box that will be provided by the company as part of its new service. This should help sway media content providers who lacked faith in the company earlier.

With its new service, Intel will try and surge ahead of Amazon and Apple by offering on-demand content as well as live programming, something that the competition does not provide at the moment.