Apple to branch out into gadget territory with new watch?


US-based technology company Apple, is reportedly working on a watch-like device. The new device could have some properties of a smartphone as well. Technology has been moving forward at break-neck speed and gadgets have become an essential part of our daily lives. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., who are an important manufacturing company for Apple, have allegedly been talking to the smartphone manufacturer about devices outside the realm of tablets and phones.

An industry source was of the opinion that Foxconn (another name Hon Hai is known by) has been working on devices that could be worn on the body. To reach this goal, chip manufacturers are striving to strip down their products and display screens are being made to consume less power.

Large technology companies have been trying to invest in smaller devices that could be carried around or be part of a person’s clothing. Such devices are a challenge to build, but this is where the future of technology would lie.

According to other industry sources, Apple has also been hiring people who have a background in sensor technology, which could possibly point to the company dealing with devices that could be used around the house.

If the rumors are true and Apple does indeed put out a wearable gadget, the childhood dreams of many people would be realized, as they pretend to be spies on a mission, controlling various on-body devices.