Exchange related bug on iOS 6.1 to be fixed by Apple


If you have been experiencing problems with your iOS 6.1 device and Microsoft’s Exchange service, it could quite possibly be a bug in Apple’s code. The technology giant issued a statement on February 13, 2013, saying that they had identified an issue with the sync service between Exchange and iOS 6.1 and that this issue would be fixed in the next software update.

According to reports, Microsoft started noticing issues related to excessive logging on their servers towards the end of January 2013, this coincided with the release of Apple’s iOS 6.1 release. After some investigation, it was found that the code being used by Apple’s operating system to synchronize Exchange calender events and mailboxes had a bug.

Some of the symptoms of the bug include increased network activity and reduced battery life. Exchange Server logs would then register this increased activity; this would be a good place to look if users are experiencing issues. Exchange 2010 SP1 and Microsoft Online which are running on iOS 6.1 devices are the most adversely affected.

According to Apple, in order to avoid the issue, users could refrain from responding to an exception to any recurring event on their iOS device. Also, in order to fix the problem temporarily, the Exchange calendar on the iOS device needs to be disabled and re-enabled.