Microsoft Surface Pro gets mixed early reviews


With the release of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet on February 9, 2013, fans of the company are looking forward to what promises to be a more powerful machine with good looks as well. Early reviews do state that the device should perform well, however from some corners there is talk of the machine not actually fitting into the description of a tablet.

The Surface Pro will need to perform well for Microsoft, specially since the Surface RT did not receive any rave reviews in the market. There are changes though in the Surface Pro that give it an advantage over its predecessor. The new tablet will have an Intel i5 chip on board which will allow for the machine to run applications faster, as opposed to the ARM-based processor of the Surface RT.

The Surface Pro will also run the 32-bit version of Windows 8 which is normally used on a PC. This is coupled with the fact that a variety of higher-end software would be able to work efficiently on the new device as well.

There are some drawbacks that have been noticed by people as well, such as the power-cord attachment block, the speakers and the poor battery life (roughly 4.5 hours).

However, Microsoft do have a great chance of hitting a wider range of customers with the new device, many of whom will be drawn to its power and looks rather than its accessories.