Oakley Airwaves allow users to read emails and listen to music


As the winter holidays approach, people are getting ready to go on vacation, leaving behind computers and other such personal equipment. However, Oakley has manufactured a new type of goggle which allows users to read their email and play  music as well, all through a special screen on their eye-wear.

The new Oakley Airwave goggles can hook up an iPhone or an Android based phone or a tablet, which allows the users to read their emails just by looking at the screen of their eye-wear. The device also displays the speed of the skier, location, altitude and distance traveled as they glide through the snowy slopes.

The goggles have been priced at £500 and can also connect incoming calls to an earpiece. Apart from reading emails, the users can also listen to music, make phone calls through a connection, as well as study piste maps. Text messages and emails appear straight on the screen and in front of the eyes.

Music stored in a phone can be played through the goggles as well and the wireless controller on the wrist can help a user navigate through the playlist. The data is displayed on a corner of the screen. The goggles were launched on October 31, 2012, and were well received by holiday and adventure enthusiasts.