Sofant unveils network boosting antennas for smartphones and tablets


Tech fans have always loved something which boosts the performance of new age devices. ‘Sofant Technologies’ has unveiled the world’s smallest smart antenna. The new antenna will help smartphones and tablets which face problems related to poor reception.

Sofant has spent several years developing the miniature antenna, and it hopes to license it to smartphone manufacturers across the world. The new device continuously looks for signals in all directions with the help of the steerable beam and then locks on to the strongest signal available at any given time.

The new smartphone and tablet antenna has been created so as to keep pace with rapid developments in the smartphone and tablet technology. The creators of the device have said that it could help to ease network congestion and also reduce the power drain on the device of the battery.

Meanwhile, even 4G will soon be running in multiple networks by the end of summer 2013. Also, according to our sources, fourth generation mobile technology promises faster internet access for the phones compared to the 3G networks. Sergio Tansini, the Sofant chief executive said that the new communications protocol like 4G will put increasing pressure on the existing antenna technology. This looks like a step forward for the hand held device industry.