Users of Amazon Echo complain of unnecessary ads announced by Alexa


The Amazon Echo has been one of the most promising gadgets of 2020. But in recent times there has been an online forum, where the owners of the amazon Echo complained of unwanted commercial messages from the device that irritated the listeners of Alexa. For instance, if the user asked Alexa to play a song, then that would followed by ideas to buy some stuff.

One of the users narrated, that when they asked Alexa to tell the time, the device then also said, that it could help you to celebrate their birthday. And then it would ask if they could hear about some ideas of birthday themes. So this did not happen all the time, but happened on a random basis. But it happened enough number of times to get people talking about it. Such unwanted ads have left many people irritated and has also left them annoyed.

But if you are one of those who are no longer interested in listening to ads to buy stuff, there is indeed a way to turn that off. Before getting to that, one needs to know why such a feature has been added. It is noticed that Amazon tends to lower the prices of its Echo when compared to other speakers from the competitors by using the device as a way to ask them to buy more stuff from Amazon.

One can have an ideas as to how the e-commerce giant was able to sell such a cheap Kindle readers and Fire tablets. The trick here is to sell the device at dead low prices and then bring the customer back to the circle of services that they would be attracted to. There might also be product that the users might be interested in and there is surely a hope that the consumer will buy more stuff online. The ads can be stopped by turning off the option of “receive personalized recommendations and deals based on the shopping activity” that can be found in Settings> Amazon Shopping .

Photo Credits: Voicebot