Google Hangouts Meet is now called just Google Meet


Majority of the employees in the nations that are adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic are working from home. This has led to the employees making the maximum use of the online applications that allow them to interact with their fellow colleagues virtually. Google has made a small change as its Hangouts Meet is now known as the Google Meet. The announcement was made on April 8, 2020 through a Google Cloud blog post , which was written by Karthik Lakshminarayan and Smita Hashim.

The blog post by Google has also mentioned about a number of measures that Google Meet features to make it convenient and secured for the meetings. It has also been found that a number of Google Meet support pages have been updated with the new name. It has also confirmed through emails that it has changed the name to Google Meet. The search engine ahs also clarified that it is an independent part of G Suite. The business brand also has other services like Docs, Sheets, Gmail and Drive. The suite also has Hangouts Chat, which is the text messaging section of the Hangouts section.

The rebranding of the service has been done after a number of people have suddenly started using the service as most of the employees are forced to work remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The employees continue with their work online and also interact with their colleagues through the video chat services. The usage of Google Meet has increased 25 times of what it was in January, 2020.

The service currently has more than 2 million new users on an everyday basis. The coronavirus pandemic started off in Wuhan in China. Wuhan authorities have withdrawn the 76 day long lockdown and things are slowly getting back to normal as negligible amount of new cases are appearing in recent times. The withdrawal of lockdown also began an exodus of people out of Wuhan who were stuck since the lockdown.

Photo Credits: 9to5 google