Esports event in China called off due to coronavirus scare


Professional esports league Overwatch has cancelled all the matches that were expected to be held in March and February in China. The matches have been called off due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic that has gripped the Asian country. Overwatch League explained that the decision to cancel the event was made keeping in mind the safety and health of their players, fans and staff. However, the matches that are expected to be held later in the season, will be held as planned and the cancelled matches will be scheduled on a later date.

It is not just Overwatch League that has been affected, many other esports events in different games have been cancelled due to the recent outbreak of the deadly respiratory disease which has also affected people in different parts of the world. Many organizations have also started to cancel events which are located in China and the Asia Pacific region. The coronavirus originates in Wuhan, China. The League Of Legends pacific Championship Series opening was expected t be held on February 8, 2020 but has now been postponed indefinitely.

Another Pokemon Video Game Championship event was expected to be held in Hong Kong on February 2, 2020 but has also been cancelled entirely. But another event of similar nature on February 9, 2020 is expected to be held as scheduled. The WESG Asia-Pacific Finals for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive was expected to be held in Macau but has now been cancelled due to the epidemic and no new date has been announced yet.

Coronavirus originated in Wuha, China, but has now managed to spread in other countries like Canada, United States, Australia, Germany, Thailand and others. It is a respiratory disease and so far there is no vaccine or a fixed treatment for the illness. People with flu like symptoms are advised to consult the doctor at the earliest and get themselves screened.

Photo Credits: ESTNN