Samsung adds features to older smartwatches


Change is not just the basic characteristic of nature but is also the basic characteristic of business that helps it to keep ticking and making revenue. If changes are not made according to time then it becomes tough for a brand to survive in the market. Samsung is one such company which constantly brings changes in its products to keep up to the expectations of the buyers and maintain its market share. The South Korean giant is now adding new features to its Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active.

New features would be added that were introduced with the Galaxy Watch Active 2. There are new health features, new functions for Bixby Voice, new customization options for its watch faces and a new touch bezel for the Galaxy Watch Active. The touch bezel feature was essentially required after complaints from the enthusiasts that the earlier Samsung smartwatches lacked the rotating bezel. The touch bezel was pretty expected when the Galaxy Watch Active 2 was being reviewed and is likely to become popular due to the added feature.

Both the smartwatches will be getting added functionality in terms of Bixby. Samsung has assured that the voice assistant can now also be used to begin exercise and can also control some of the SmartThings devices. The voice assistant can now understand more languages like German, French, Spanish and Italian. But if the experience with the other smartwatches can be noticed, it can be said that this might not being a big change as the voice assistant still feels a little restrictive as well as unresponsive.

The users will now be able to keep a track on their fitness goals when they are running, cycling and there is also a new low-heart-rate feature. No matter how useful the new features are, it is good to see both the devices receive big updates for the devices which are for around less than $80.

Photo Credits: Albilad