Logitech launches button kit for Xbox Adaptive Controller


Gaming is becoming less popular in the segment, but tech companies continue to introduce new disabilities for the gamers in their design. This has happened especially due to the popularity of the Adaptive controller by Microsoft for PC and Xbox. Computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech is not launching an add-on for the controller that will provide more accessibility for the requirements of the gamers. The Adaptive Gaming Kit by Logitech G has taken an advantage of the number of input ports of the Xbox Adaptive Controllers.

This will provide more options for the gaming enthusiasts for a more personalized set up. The exciting part is that the kit has many big buttons along with triggers which can be linked to the adaptive controller in a number of configurations. Talking about what exactly the kit consists of, it has three small buttons, three large buttons that have mechanical switches, two variable trigger controls, four light touch buttons, game mats that can be configured, Velcro ties and custom labels. Logitech has said that the kit can be used for better performance and durability.

The company has also expressed hopes that it would fulfill the needs of a broader audience in terms of gaming. Logitech is not just the company that has come up with buttons for personalized gaming, but Microsoft also sells its buttons for the adaptive controller. But the ones by Logitech are more expensive. The kit by Logitech is more affordable and will have a price tag of $99.99.

The kit will be available for purchase through LogitechG.com and some of the selected Microsoft retail stores from November 2019. The company had entered the gaming arena in 2017, when it had acquired Astro Gaming, that makes professional gaming equipments for US$85 million. Logitech is basically a computer and mobile peripheral manufacturing giant based in California, USA and serves across the globe. It also has its headquarters in Switzerland and Newark.

Photo Credits: OnMSFT