Linkedin launches new app for iPad

357 A new iPad app has been launched by the professional social network Linkedin. The app has been launched so as to encourage more users to engage in the service of staying connected with professionals all the time.

The product manager of Linkedin, Manish Sharma in a blog post said that the app aims “to provide the most engaging experience for iPad users.” Sharma added, “Our mobile platform is the fastest growing consumer service on Linkedin. We aspire to be the place where every professional comes throughout the day”.

The new app has been designed to be a personal assistant and has features like the calendar integration and a focus on Linkedin’s personalized news feed which helps in showing which news articles are popular among the friends.

Linkedin has about 150 million members and is also one of the most popular social networks. But just third of the users check the website everyday. When compared to the most popular social networking site Facebook, more than half of the users check the site everyday. Ian Fogg, an analyst said that the launch of the new iPad app is an attempt to change this by increasing engagement. Fogg added that the biggest strategy is about making Linkedin more personal.