Samsung to release new smartwatch Galaxy Sport


South Korean giant Samsung recently shifted and re-branded its Gear Smartwatches under the Galaxy brand by launching the Galaxy Watch in August 2017. After re-branding its smartwatches, the next step for the company would be to launch the successor of Gear Sport or to re-brand that as well. If the reports are true both can happen.

Samsung might be coming up with a new fitness focused smartwatch soon and for now the device has been code-named as Pulse. There are also chances that it might be re-christened as the Galaxy Sport. Either way, the gadget enthusiasts can expect an announcement with the Galaxy S10 early in 2019. A new model with the model number SM-500 has been spotted , but the model number of the current Gear Sport is SM-R600, even then it is being assumed that the next generation of the fitness device from Samsung is due.

The backwards numbers on the series might be due to the fact that they have re-branded the smartwatches . No matter what the numbers might be, the fitness lookers would be surely treated with an upgrade from the last Gear branded smartwatch. There are high chances that the Gear Sport can become Galaxy Sport. With the latest rumour on the go, we can already refer the device as Galaxy Sport. In terms of the specifications, it would be running on Tizen and not on Google’s Wear OS including 4GB of internal storage but will probably not have an LTE variant since it is more about fitness and not about communications.

The device might supposedly come with Bixby Reminder that is an improvement from the Galaxy Watch which currently does not have that feature yet. We can probably expect the change in the later software. Despite all the above features and specifications, information on the Galaxy Sport is still not enough. It might launch with the Galaxy S10 line in 2019 most likely during the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona in late February 2019.

Photo Credits: Samsung