Google Assistant gets colorful updates


Search engine giant Google is under process of updating its Assistant App. The new updates will allow the users to make choices on one of the voice options even easier. At present if the users pop in to the Assistant voice preferences then there are eight different choices which have been labeled simply as Voice 1, Voice 2, Voice 3 and so on. The search engine has now assigned a color to each.

The new update on Google Assistant has started rolling out from July 10, 2018 and will continue with waves in the upcoming weeks for the users who are in the US and have selected English as their language. It has also appeared that the colors will be randomly associated with every voice to make it easier for everyone who will have different allocation of colors against voices in the Assistance preferences.

The selection process has become more fun and easy for the users. While the update has just started rolling out on July 10, 2018, many of the users might still have to wait for a few more weeks to receive the new update. Users who want to check if they have the new option they can head in to Google Assistant, Settings, Preferences and then check on Assistant voice. Here if you find a list, then you are yet to receive an update.

The virtual assistant by the search engine is powered by Artificial Intelligence and is available on smart home devices as well as mobile phones. The technology is different from Google Now as the Assistant can engage in two-way conversations. The Assistant started off in May 2016 and was a part of Google’s messaging app Allo and the voice-activated speaker Google Home. The technology was initially available exclusively on Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones but gradually, the technology has also been deployed on other Android devices as well.

Photo Credits: goodworklabs