Google to introduce new features for Classroom

Google Classroom

Search engine giant Google has announced a series of new updates meant for the educators with solutions. The updates include ability to make quizzes in Google Classroom and also a new lock mode with Google Forms which allows the teachers to disable the navigation from an assignment. The teachers with the help of the Classwork page on Google Classroom can organize assignments by topic.

On the other hand the People page allows to better manage the interactions with students, parents, guardians and other teachers. Very soon there will also be a feature known as the Chromebook Off hours that will be introduced to give parents more control of school-issued laptops at home. There is also new hardware for the educators including the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 which uses the same operating system like Chromebooks and the Staedtler Noris.

The Noris is a stylus designed that looks and feels like a pencil which is made to work with Chromebooks and will also work with a variety of apps which are due to be launched this summer. Today the Google’s interactive whiteboard, was also introduced on June 25, 2018. Google launched its Classroom in August 2014 that provided the teachers with a platform for assigning tasks to students as well as facilitating coursework development. The search engine giant had last year passed the 1 billion assignments submitted milestone with several features added.

Some of the major updates since the launch include the Classroom Chrome Extension that allows the students and teachers to surf the web together. Even the Coursework API was also introduced. According to reports more than 25 million teachers and students use Chromebooks across the globe and more than half of all the primary as well as secondary schools in the US use the education apps of the search engine. The new changes was announced before the gathering of the International Society for Technology in Education in Chicago.

Photo Credits: The Verge