The New Snapchat Spectacles Are Coming! Here’s What You Need to Know


Snapchat has amazed the world with the showing of its Spectacles, which are being considered the company’s first hardware product on the market. These sunglasses are able to record videos in increments of 10 seconds. They will become available for sale to the public in the near future. Snap Inc., the new name of the business, stated that it will be making the glasses only in small batches. Here’s everything you need to know about the Snapchat Spectacles;

What are these Spectacles All About?

Spectacles are sunglasses that are connected which are able to record snippets of video. Those snippets are saved to the Snapchat Memories. Its camera has a 115-degree lens meant to more closely approximate how humans see.

The glasses will be $130 each. They come in only one size in black, coral or teal.

How do I use the Snapchat Spectacles?

Its’ simple really. First,  you tap the button that is located at the top left hand corner on the sunglasses in order to record a snap. The device automatically stops recording following 10 seconds of recording time. However, if you desire more recording time, then you can give another tap to have another increment of 10 seconds of recording time.

How do I know When the Snapchat Spectacles Have Started Recording? 

There is a light that faces inward which comes on when you snap your videos. There is also another light that faces outward that lets those in your field of vision know that you are recording.

What’s the longest video that I can record?

You are can record up to 30 seconds of video at a time.

What if I don’t have my phone while I’m recording?

Not a problem! You can actually utilize the glasses like a standalone device, which means that the glasses are able to store all of your snaps until you can get to your phone.

snapchat spectacles coming soon!

How do I transfer the data to my phone?

If you happen to own an Android device, then you can use Wi-Fi. Or if you own an iOS device, then by default they will transfer through the Bluetooth connection of the glasses. If you prefer, you can use Wi-Fi for a higher resolution to transfer them to your iOS device.

What type of format do the glasses record in?

The glasses have been designed to be in a ‘new circular’, which means that the glasses view things similar to the method that human eyes do. When you are viewing your snaps via your phone, they can be viewed either in the portrait or landscape option. Note that Snapchat will crop them as needed.

How long does the life of the battery last?

The Snapchat Spectacle comes with a charging case and cable.When they are fully charged, the case itself is able to recharge the Spectacles up to as many as four times.

When they are fully charged, you can get about a day out of your Spectacles. The outward-facing light is also a battery indicator. Just double-tap it and you’ll see how much juice you have left.

Snap.Inc CEO, Evan Spiegel, Wearing the Snapchat Spectacles

How many Spectacles will be up for grabs when launched?

They are being made in a very limited quantity. Thus the glasses are considered to be an elite item.

What is it that we don’t know about the Snapchat Spectacles?

The image quality of the recorded snaps.

How many Spectacles will be produced?

Where you can buy them?

Are they weatherproof?

Whether teens will think they look cool.

Some people think that they are just like another version of Google Glass. Naturally, there are varying opinions floating about. But note that technology does fail sometimes on the first introduction and needs two or three rounds before becoming mainstream. Spectacles are considered to be less expensive than Google Glass, which makes them more affordable for the general public. Snap sees the glasses not so much as a face computer, but more of a GoPro for life with the realization that people really do love their GoPros.

The Snapchat Spectacles are set to hit the market in October 2016!