Have You Heard Of The Cronzy Pen Yet?


There are loads of inventions coming up these days. And thanks to crowdfunding, you get a chance to watch some of the best creations come to pass and sold successfully in the market. Hopefully, one of these is going to be the Cronzy Pen. Have you heard of it yet?

Pens have always caught the fancy of one and all. Whether they were the ones we used in school or the colourful ones that were part of our childhoods, these stationery staples are something that have come and are here to stay. The Cronzy Pen is promising to take it one step further. Imagine being able to illustrate over 16 million colours using just one pen?! That has totally happened! Using the nib of the pen, a scanner is used to go over any coloured surface – from a yellowed wall to a bright summer flower. You can then draw with this exact same colour.

The Cronzy Pen requires some extras – an additional app that you can download through Android, iOS and even Windows. It also comes with a cartridge that apparently runs out and has to be replaced. This may be a little setback, considering the price of replaceable cartridges, not to mention their availability. The pen itself is said to cost $130, which is not so bad, but there shouldn’t be more expenses on a pen, right?

The Cronzy Pen is still in the works and looks to see the light of day if it is sponsored through Indiegogo, the crowdfunding haven. People are already going bonkers for it, because you can literally gain the colours of the rainbow a the tip of a pen. Illustrators, artists, heck, even teachers and students can make use of the pen. There’s still two months left for the crowdfunding to end, so are there going to be any takers for the future of writing and drawing?!