You Just Have To Own The Immersit


It seems like tech companies are on the run to create gadgets that one up over the previous rage for gadget geeks. Whether with gaming, sound or even fitness, there’s a gadget for it. The latest on the list that’s probably going to be one of the coolest gadgets for the year 2016 goes to the Immersit.

Immersit? What is that, you ask. You are not going to believe it. Remember as kids when 3D first came out and we were so excited about being able to wear stuffy goggles to feel like the movie was real? Well, now within the comfort of your home, you can experience the 4D experience.

Visit the official Immersit Website.

If you’re a Fast And Furious fan, you are going to want to grab one of these cool toys. It is a sensory and moving gadget that takes you into motion with the movie. So, for example, you are watching a high speed chase, full of bumps and twists, turns and maneuvers. By using the Immersit, your couch will also move along with the virtual movement, taking you right into the action.

The features for the Immersit are:

  • No technical integration or modification
  • Keep your current furniture
  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy set-up
  • Safe

Well, that doesn’t seem technical at all, but these features are displayed on the official website for now.

Basically, if you don’t have furniture yet in your house, or if you have room enough for another big couch, then the Immersit might just be for you. Also, if there are more than one persons using the couch, it might be inconvenient for someone with a weak stomach to be hobbled around. Also, popcorn time might get messy if it jumps around and escapes the bowl.

The product isn’t on sale yet, so we don’t know the retail price. In fact, the makers are still on a crowd-funding spree to build the product for a market.