Razer launches Nabu smartwatch with two screens


American gaming products manufacturing giant Razer has launched its first ever smartwatch which the company has termed as digital watch with smart functions. The device is called as Nabu and has been launched in two designs and with two screens. Nabu is basically a digital sports watch which has a monochromatic backlit display with traditional timekeeping features like a stopwatch, alarms and world clocks.
The secondary screen of the displays information about fitness tracking and also receives notifications about calls, texts, calls, emails and alerts from the smartphone through the Android or iPhone partner app. The screen of the device displays the notifications from the phone on it including text messages . The device vibrates when a call is received on the phone.
The best feature of the Nabu Watch is its battery. The main display has a coin cell battery that is most;y found in watches and assures 12 months of power. The secondary screen of the watch is expected to last for seven days and can be charged by a USB cable.
The standard model of the device is made of tough polycarbonate while the Forged Edition of the device has stainless steel buttons and has a premium black finish. The Nabu Watch will be available from late January for $149.00 while the Forged Edition is already available in the market for $199.99.

Photo Credits: razerzone