Sony launches budget camera Alpha 68 for amateurs


Camera manufacturing giant Sony has announced the launch of its A68 which will be a new entry in the already crowded DSLR camera space. The new camera by Sony has been specifically designed for the amateur photographers who are looking for a good camera in a budgeted price.
Sony has assured that the device will be launched in the market by March 2016. The company announced in a press release that the new A68 will be launched for the American customers in April 2016. The new device in the segment has SLT (single lens translucent) and uses a translucent mirror instead of the one that moves to reflect the light in to the sensor.
The device supports 24.3 MP APS-C Sensor and can support and ISO light sensitivity range between the ISO 100 and 25,600. The features are similar to that of the higher end A77II mirror-less camera which has 79 point phase detect autofocus system. But the A77II has the ability to shoot at a faster 12 frames per second continuously while the A68 can only click up to 8fps.
The new A68 has taken a step higher that the older A58 which has a 20.1 mp sensor with a 15 point auto focus system.

Photo Credits: aolcdn