Amazon stops selling hoverboards over safety concerns


This holiday season, Hoverboards are the hottest products among the buyers . The self balancing boards have become very popular among the shoppers but there are a few safety concerns over their safety.


There are many reports which have claimed fire on the hoverboards. Considering the concerns even the airlines have banned the board from planes. Even the scooters are disappearing from some of the shelves of the retailers. The Amazon site has stopped selling the Hoverboards that are made by Swagway.
The product has been removed from the shelves due to the safety concerns. Swagway in a statement said, “Amazon sent out a notice on Friday just before 5 p.m. PST, to all ‘hoverboard’ sellers to ‘provide documentation demonstrating that all hoverboards you list are compliant with applicable safety standards”. Amazon has expressed concerns over the safety of hoverboard’s battery and charger.
The reports of fire have been linked to the overheard of the boards’ lithium ion batteries. Meanwhile, the company Swagway said that its boards already met the required standards and has sent the information to Amazon. So far the company’s boards have not returned at the Amazon’s site. Amazon is not the first online retailer to pull back hoverboards over safety concerns. Even said thatit will no longer sell the product due to safety concerns.

Photo Credits: bandt