Verizon and Sony cancels launch of Sony Xperia Z4v in US


Many companies have cancelled the making of phones when they are in the developing stage but the Sony Xperia Z4v, which was announced in June is not coming out at all. The phone was announced by Verizon and Sony and that the company was also planning a big marketing promotion this summer.
But the plans have been changed and the phone will not be launched. Sony does not have many ways to launch itself in the US market. The Z4v was positioned as a game phone. The device could have been good for Verizon to support the development of the custom device.
Some of the features phone which is not more coming out included a 5.2 inch 1440p LCD, Octa core Snapdragon, 810 SoC, 32 GB Storage, 3000 mAh battery with a micro SD Slot. The device could also have had the hallmark water-resistant design by Sony and 20.7 MP Exmor camera sensor.
Verizon and Sony had landing pages for the Z4v but they are now replaced with notices about canceling the phone. The official statement from Verizon said that the smartphone will not be launching anymore but will continue to support Sony’s product portfolio. The statement added that Sony is a strategic partner and that they will continue having discussions as a part of the future portfolio.

Photo Credits: netdna