Apple September 9 event to be a surprise


Once again US based tech giant Apple is gearing up for another big September event, where the new iPhone is expected to be out for all the crazy iPhone enthusiasts. The new gadget is expected to be a super success, but that is not exactly Apple is looking forward for on September 9, 2015.
There is much bigger news that the company is about to share and who knows it could also be the long awaited and rumoured the huge iPad. Sales of the iPad have gone down for six consecutive quarters. The decline has been noticed due to the wide range of smartphones launched by rivals and the size continues to get bigger with every version introduced.
However, Appel is not much concerned about the sales decline of the iPad. CEO Tim Cook has observed that people who want to buy the new iPad have not yet purchased one. Meanwhile the iPhone 6 Plus is doing well so of the iPad is going down it is due to its own device. Reports say that the iPhone covers about two-thirds of the Apple’s sales, which is up from over half in 2014.
But still Apple has tried hard to get its computers in the market as online reports suggest that just 29% of the corporations have Mac in their offices.

Photo Credits:yahoo