Twitter emits backgrounds from timelines


People, who are confused if where the custom wallpaper on Twitter has vanished, do not need to worry. The micro-blogging site has removed the custom background images and design from the profile and home timeline page.
However it has not been completely removed but it can be seen only if the users are viewing the individual Tweets and nowhere else on the site. The micro blogging site has also updated the ‘customising your design’ help page so as to reflect the official change.
The help page now reads, “You can customize your design theme so that users who click to view your Tweet detail pages will see it. Other than your theme color, your design theme will not be visible on your profile or Home timeline.”
Despite applying the changes, Twitter has not given any explanation for it. But there is one possibility for the change that Twitter might be moving towards the news platform from being on a social platform. The change will affect the brands that rely heavily on the social networks like Twitter for marketing. The recent change has also invited criticism from the users. Some have opined that Twitter might have made the change to make more space for ads.

Photo Credits: thebitbag