Google to launch ‘Buy’ buttons on smartphones


Search engine giant Google will soon debut ‘Buy On Google’ buttons on its search pages that are viewed on smartphones. The step will be taken to create seamless shopping experiences for the smartphone users.

With this, if the search engine manages to pull all the users on the mobile devices then all the customers will be taken away from other giants like Amazon. Under Armour and Staples are the companies which have already got the feature that started on July 15, 2015. The shoppers click on the but button promoted by Google, they are transferred to the product page hosted by Google and pay with the information that has already been saved in their account.

Earlier the shoppers were directed from the search result listing to the website of the retailer. The users are forced t0 navigate on a new page and they might not have a user friendly shopping interfaces. The feature will be among many of the upgrades that are detailed in a post of Google’s AdWords blog. It will help the companies to place ads on Google’s search result pages.
The new feature will be targeted to the mobile devices like the ads that get bigger when swiped. Jonathan Alferness, the vice president of Google Shopping said that not many people head to the shopping malls as shopping can now be done anytime anywhere.

Photo Credits: techtimes