Jawbone launches UP2 for UK market


Wearable products company, Jawbone has launched its UP2 for the UK market which has been designed to track your fitness and quality of sleep. The latest fitness tracker claims to have a battery life that can last up to a week with improved and sleeker design fir tracking fitness and sleep patterns.

The new UP2 is 45% slimmer than the earlier model the UP24. The earlier device was made from hypoallergenic TPU rubber while the UP 2 has been redesigned to fit the wrist more appropriately with a new clasp and an anodized aluminum frame that has three single color LEDs.

Every LED light represents a different mode, orange for activity, blue for sleep and white for notifications. When the frame is double tapped and pressed down it switches between functions like letting the UP 2 know that the person is about to sleeping or waking up. The tracker can be connected to the Android or iOS smartphone through Bluetooth and can syncs information like he number of steps that have by the user.

The device can also track the sleep with the help of its accelerometer that detects light and sleep. The app on the device also suggests a few changes to be made in the lifestyle so as to ensure that the person has a good night sleep.

Photo Credits: wareable